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nihon go
Japanese (language)
English (language)
hanashi masu
to speak
... deki masu (... re masu; ... se masu)
can; be able (to)
hanase masu
can speak
sukoshi desu
a little
jouzu desu
good (at something); well
from (place)
doko shusshin desu ka?
where are you from?
anata wa nihon shusshin desu ka?
are you from Japan?
watashi wa amerika shusshin desu
I'm from America
watashi wa eigo wo hanase masu
I speak english
anata wa nihongo wo hanase masu ka?
do you speak Japanese?
watashi wa nihon go wo sukoshi hanase masu
I speak a little Japanese
of course!
mochiron, watashi wa eigo wo hanase masu
of course I speak english
anata wa nihongo ga jouzu desu
you speak Japanese well