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The Emigrée

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"There once was a country..."
Ellipsis signifies the length of time.
"but my memory of it is sunlight-clear"
Light imagery holds positive connotations.
"comes to the mildest city"
The corruption and harshness brought by the war.
"It may be at war, it may be sick with tyrants"
Implies the invaders have brought and spread a disease.
"but I am branded by an impression of sunlight."
The narrator is stating that her hometown will always be a part of her.
"The white streets of that city, the graceful slopes glow"
Heavenly and ethereal connotations.
"the frontiers rise between us, close like waves"
Juxtaposition - trapped vs. open and free
"like a hollow doll"
Simile represents it has become bare and empty.
"opens and spills a grammar"
Connotations of blood and violence.
"I comb its hair and love its shining eyes."
Personification refers to the narrators affection for her city.
"They accuse me of being dark in their free city."
Irony - the city is not free.