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Checking Out Me History

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"Dem tell me"
Agard writes in dialect to show the importance of his background.
"Bandage up me eye with me own history"
Metaphor implies they are hiding the truth from him.
"dem tell me bout Dick Whittington and he cat"
He was taught about fictional characters with no cultural significance.
Simplistic rhymes parallel the simplistic content.
"Toussaint de beacon of de Haitian Revolution"
Positive imagery refers to him as a 'beacon' a symbol of freedom and hope.
"fire-woman struggle hopeful stream to freedom river"
Extended metaphor to represent over 1000 slaves that Nanny the maroon freed.
"a healing star among the wounded a yellow sunrise to the dying"
Light imagery contrasts the shadows that these heroes have been kept in for so long.
"But now I checking out me own history I carving out me identity"
Agard resolves to actively seek out Black History.