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"I wander through each chartered street, Near where the chartered Thames does flow"
Repetition to emphasise that every part of London has been sold. Blake exaggerates by referring to the Thames.
"Marks of weakness, marks of woe."
Implies Londoners are wearing their misery in their expressions.
"In every infant's cry of fear"
The children are fearful of their future.
"In every cry of every man"
Repetition shows the scale of this problem.
"The mind-forged manacles"
This metaphor shows that the people are prisoners of their own mind.
"Every black'ning church appalls"
The Church held great held great power and influence at this time. Why were they not helping poverty?
"the youthful harlot's curse"
An example of child exploitation (prostitution.) She is cursing which shows she has been exposed to inappropriate things as an innocent child.
"the marriage hearse"
Juxtaposition implies even marriages are deadly.