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"Our brains ache"
Assonance - the long vowel sounds represent the soldiers' boredom.
"merciless iced east winds that knive us..."
Sibilance imitates the hissing wind.
"silence, sentries whisper, curious, nervous"
Sibilance imitates the soldiers' whispers.
"mad gusts tugging on the wire"
Personification to represent the frenzy of war.
Para-rhymes used ironically to contrast how the military should be regimented and strict.
"The poignant misery of dawn"
Contradiction as dawn usually represents hope.
"Dawn massing in the east her melancholy army"
Personification implies they are also battling the weather.
"Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence."
Sibilance imitates the aforementioned silence/whispers.
"We cringe in holes, back on forgotten dreams"
Metaphor to imply they are being hunted like animals.
"Slowly our ghosts drag home"
Foreshadowing as many of the men will die as unknown soldiers. Owen himself, for example.