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to use
I use
tu utilises
you (singular familiar) use
il utilise
he uses
elle utilise
she uses
nous utilisons
we use
vous utilisez
you (plural / polite) use
ils utilisent
they (m.) use
elles utilisent
they (f.) use
to read
je lis
I read
tu lis
you (singular familiar) read
il lit
he reads
elle lit
she reads
nous lisons
we read
vous lisez
you (plural / polite) read
ils lisent
they (masculine) read
elles lisent
they (feminine) read
to write
I write
tu écris
you (singular familiar) write
il écrit
he writes
elle écrit
she writes
nous écrivons
we write
vous écrivez
you (plural / polite) write
ils écrivent
they (masculine) write
elles écrivent
they (feminine) write
to take
je prends
I take
tu prends
you (singular familiar) take
il prend
he takes
elle prend
she takes
nous prenons
we take
vous prenez
you (plural / polite) take
ils prennent
they (masculine) take
elles prennent
they (feminine) take
to put
je mets
I put / I am putting
tu mets
you (singular; familiar) put / you are putting
il met
he puts / he is putting
elle met
she puts / she is putting
nous mettons
we put / we are putting
vous mettez
you (plural / polite) put / you are putting
ils mettent
they (masculine) put / they are putting
elles mettent
they (feminine) put / they are putting