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I went
tu allas
you went
il alla
he went
nous allâmes
we went
vous allâtes
you went (plur.)
ils allèrent
they went
I had
tu eus
you had
il eut
he had
nous eûmes
we had
vous eûtes
you had (plur.)
ils eurent
they had
je crus
I believed
tu crus
you believed
il crut
he believed
nous crûmes
we believed
vous crûtes
you believed (plur.)
ils crurent
they believed
je dus
I had to
tu dus
you had to
il dut
he had to
nous dûmes
we had to
vous dûtes
you had to (plur.)
ils durent
they had to
je dis
I said
tu dis
you said
il dit
he said
nous dîmes
we said
vous dîtes
you said (plur.)
ils dirent
they said
je fus
I was
tu fus
you were
il fut
he was
nous fûmes
we were
vous fûtes
you were (plur.)
ils furent
they were
je fis
I did
tu fis
you did
il fit
he did
nous fîmes
we did
vous fîtes
you did (plur.)
ils firent
they did
il fallut
it was necessary
je mis
I put
tu mis
you put
il mit
he put
nous mîmes
we put
vous mîtes
you put (plur.)
ils mirent
they put
je pus
I was able to
tu pus
you were able to
il put
he was able to
nous pûmes
we were able to
vous pûtes
you were able to (plur.)
ils purent
they were able to
je pris
I took
tu pris
you took
il prit
he took
nous prîmes
we took
vous prîtes
you took (plur.)
ils prirent
they took
je m'assis
I sat
tu t'assis
you sat
il s'assit
he sat
nous nous assîmes
we sat
vous vous assîtes
you sat (plur.)
ils s'assirent
they sat
je sus
I knew (a fact)
tu sus
you knew (a fact)
il sut
he knew (a fact)
nous sûmes
we knew (a fact)
vous sûtes
you knew (a fact) (plur.)
ils surent
they knew (a fact)
je tins
I held
tu tins
you held
il tint
he held
nous tînmes
we held
vous tîntes
you held (plur.)
ils tinrent
they held
je vins
I came
tu vins
you came
il vint
he came
nous vînmes
we came
vous vîntes
you came (plur.)
ils vinrent
they came
je vis
I saw
tu vis
you saw
il vit
he saw
nous vîmes
we saw
vous vîtes
you saw (plur.)
ils virent
they saw
je voulus
I wanted
tu voulus
you wanted
il voulut
he wanted
nous voulûmes
we wanted
vous voulûtes
you wanted (plur.)
ils voulurent
they wanted