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je pouvais
I used to be able to
tu pouvais
you used to be able to
il pouvait
he used to be able to
nous pouvions
we used to be able to
vous pouviez
you used to be able to (plur.)
ils pouvaient
they used to be able to
je prenais
I was taking
tu prenais
you were taking
il prenait
he was taking
nous prenions
we were taking
vous preniez
you were taking (plur.)
ils prenaient
they were taking
je m'asseyais
I was sitting
tu t'asseyais
you were sitting
il s'asseyait
he was sitting
nous nous asseyions
we were sitting
vous vous asseyiez
you were sitting (plur.)
ils s'asseyaient
they were sitting
je savais
I used to know (a fact)
tu savais
you used to know (a fact)
il savait
he used to know (a fact)
nous savions
we used to know (a fact)
vous saviez
you used to know (a fact) (plur.)
ils savaient
they used to know (a fact)
je me lavais
I was washing
tu te lavais
you were washing
il se lavait
he was washing
nous nous lavions
we were washing
vous vous laviez
you were washing (plur.)
ils se lavaient
they were washing
je tenais
I was holding
tu tenais
you were holding
il tenait
he was holding
nous tenions
we were holding
vous teniez
you were holding (plur.)
ils tenaient
they were holding
je venais
I was coming
tu venais
you were coming
il venait
he was coming
nous venions
we were coming
vous veniez
you were coming (plur.)
ils venaient
they were coming
je voyais
I was seeing
tu voyais
you were seeing
il voyait
he was seeing
nous voyions
we were seeing
vous voyiez
you were seeing (plur.)
ils voyaient
they were seeing
je voulais
I used to want
tu voulais
you used to want
il voulait
he used to want
nous voulions
we used to want
vous vouliez
you used to want (plur.)
ils voulaient
they used to want
I was going
tu allais
you were going
il allait
he was going
nous allions
we were going
vous alliez
you were going (plur.)
ils allaient
they were going
I was having
tu avais
you were having
il avait
he was having
nous avions
we were having
vous aviez
you were having (plur.)
ils avaient
they were having
je devais
I used to have to
tu devais
you used to have to
il devait
he used to have to
nous devions
we used to have to
vous deviez
you used to have to (plur.)
ils devaient
they used to have to
je disais
I was saying
tu disais
you were saying
il disait
he was saying
nous disions
we were saying
vous disiez
you were saying (plur.)
ils disaient
they were saying
I used to be
tu étais
you used to be
il était
he used to be
nous étions
we used to be
vous étiez
you used to be (plur.)
ils étaient
they used to be
je faisais
I was doing
tu faisais
you were doing
il faisait
he was doing
nous faisions
we were doing
vous faisiez
you were doing (plur.)
ils faisaient
they were doing
il fallait
it was necessary
je mettais
I was putting
tu mettais
you were putting
il mettait
he was putting
nous mettions
we were putting
vous mettiez
you were putting (plur.)
ils mettaient
they were putting