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je battais
I was beating
tu battais
you were beating
il battait
he was beating
nous battions
we were beating
vous battiez
you were beating (plur.)
ils battaient
they were beating
je buvais
I was drinking
tu buvais
you were drinking
il buvait
he was drinking
nous buvions
we were drinking
vous buviez
you were drinking (plur.)
ils buvaient
they were drinking
I was including
tu incluais
you were including
il incluait
he was including
nous incluions
we were including
vous incluiez
you were including (plur.)
ils incluaient
they were including
je connaissais
I used to know (a person)
tu connaissais
you used to know (a person)
il connaissait
he used to know (a person)
nous connaissions
we used to know (a person)
vous connaissiez
you used to know (a person) (plur.)
ils connaissaient
they used to know (a person)
je cousais
I was sewing
tu cousais
you were sewing
il cousait
he was sewing
nous cousions
we were sewing
vous cousiez
you were sewing (plur.)
ils cousaient
they were sewing
je courais
I was running
tu courais
you were running
il courait
he was running
nous courions
we were running
vous couriez
you were running (plur.)
ils couraient
they were running
je dormais
I was sleeping
tu dormais
you were sleeping
il dormait
he was sleeping
nous dormions
we were sleeping
vous dormiez
you were sleeping (plur.)
ils dormaient
they were sleeping
I was writing
tu écrivais
you were writing
il écrivait
he was writing
nous écrivions
we were writing
vous écriviez
you were writing (plur.)
ils écrivaient
they were writing
je moulais
I was grinding
tu moulais
you were grinding
il moulait
he was grinding
nous moulions
we were grinding
vous mouliez
you were grinding (plur.)
ils moulaient
they were grinding
je mourais
I was dying
tu mourais
you were dying
il mourait
he was dying
nous mourions
we were dying
vous mouriez
you were dying (plur.)
ils mouraient
they were dying
je peignais
I was painting
tu peignais
you were painting
il peignait
he was painting
nous peignions
we were painting
vous peigniez
you were painting (plur.)
ils peignaient
they were painting
je recevais
I was receiving
tu recevais
you were receiving
il recevait
he was receiving
nous recevions
we were receiving
vous receviez
you were receiving (plur.)
ils recevaient
they were receiving
je suivais
I was following
tu suivais
you were following
il suivait
he was following
nous suivions
we were following
vous suiviez
you were following (plur.)
ils suivaient
they were following
je croyais
I was believing
tu croyais
you were believing
il croyait
he was believing
nous croyions
we were believing
vous croyiez
you were believing (plur.)
ils croyaient
they were believing