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I would go
tu irais
you would go
il irait
he would go
nous irions
we would go
vous iriez
you would go (plur.)
ils iraient
they would go
je croirais
I would believe
tu croirais
you would believe
il croirait
he would believe
nous croirions
we would believe
vous croiriez
you would believe (plur.)
ils croiraient
they would believe
je voudrais
I would want
tu voudrais
you would want
il voudrait
he would want
nous voudrions
we would want
vous voudriez
you would want (plur.)
ils voudraient
they would want
je devrais
I should
tu devrais
you should
il devrait
he should
nous devrions
we should
vous devriez
you should (plur.)
ils devraient
they should
je serais
I would be
tu serais
you would be
il serait
he would be
nous serions
we would be
vous seriez
you would be (plur.)
ils seraient
they would be
je ferais
I would do
tu ferais
you would do
il ferait
he would do
nous ferions
we would do
vous feriez
you would do (plur.)
ils feraient
they would do
il faudrait
it would be necessary
je mettrais
I would put
tu mettrais
you would put
il mettrait
he would put
nous mettrions
we would put
vous mettriez
you would put (plur.)
ils mettraient
they would put
je pourrais
I would be able to
tu pourrais
you would be able to
il pourrait
he would be able to
nous pourrions
we would be able to
vous pourriez
you would be able to (plur.)
ils pourraient
they would be able to
je prendrais
I would take
tu prendrais
you would take
il prendrait
he would take
nous prendrions
we would take
vous prendriez
you would take (plur.)
ils prendraient
they would take
je m'assiérais
I would sit
tu t'assiérais
you would sit
il s'assiérait
he would sit
nous nous assiérions
we would sit
vous vous assiériez
you would sit (plur.)
ils s'assiéraient
they would sit
je saurais
I would know (a fact)
tu saurais
you would know (a fact)
il saurait
he would know (a fact)
nous saurions
we would know (a fact)
vous sauriez
you would know (a fact) (plur.)
ils sauraient
they would know (a fact)
je me laverais
I would wash
tu te laverais
you would wash
il se laverait
he would wash
nous nous laverions
we would wash
vous vous laveriez
you would wash (plur.)
ils se laveraient
they would wash
je tiendrais
I would hold
tu tiendrais
you would hold
il tiendrait
he would hold
nous tiendrions
we would hold
vous tiendriez
you would hold (plur.)
ils tiendraient
they would hold
je viendrais
I would come
tu viendrais
you would come
il viendrait
he would come
nous viendrions
we would come
vous viendriez
you would come (plur.)
ils viendraient
they would come
je verrais
I would see
tu verrais
you would see
il verrait
he would see
nous verrions
we would see
vous verriez
you would see (plur.)
ils verraient
they would see