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que je fusse
(that) I was
que tu fusses
(that) you were
qu'il fût
(that) he was
que nous fussions
(that) we were
que vous fussiez
(that) you were (plur.)
qu'ils fussent
(that) they were
que j'eusse
(that) I was having
que tu eusses
(that) you were having
qu'il eût
(that) he was having
que nous eussions
(that) we were having
que vous eussiez
(that) you were having (plur.)
qu'ils eussent
(that) they were having
que je crusse
(that) I was believing
que tu crusses
(that) you were believing
qu'il crût
(that) he was believing
que nous crussions
(that) we were believing
que vous crussiez
(that) you were believing (plur.)
qu'ils crussent
(that) they were believing
que je dusse
(that) I had to
que tu dusses
(that) you had to
qu'il dût
(that) he had to
que nous dussions
(that) we had to
que vous dussiez
(that) you had to (plur.)
qu'ils dussent
(that) they had to
que je disse
(that) I was saying
que tu disses
(that) you were saying
qu'il dît
(that) he was saying
que nous dissions
(that) we were saying
que vous dissiez
(that) you were saying (plur.)
qu'ils dissent
(that) they were saying
que je fisse
(that) I did
que tu fisses
(that) you did
qu'il fît
(that) he did
que nous fissions
(that) we did
que vous fissiez
(that) you did (plur.)
qu'ils fissent
(that) they did
que je misse
(that) I put
que tu misses
(that) you put
qu'il mît
(that) he put
que nous missions
(that) we put
que vous missiez
(that) you put (plur.)
qu'ils missent
(that) they put
que je pusse
(that) I was able to
que tu pusses
(that) you were able to
qu'il pût
(that) he was able to
que nous pussions
(that) we were able to
que vous pussiez
(that) you were able to (plur.)
qu'ils pussent
(that) they were able to
que je prisse
(that) I took
que tu prisses
(that) you took
qu'il prît
(that) he took
que nous prissions
(that) we took
que vous prissiez
(that) you took (plur.)
qu'ils prissent
(that) they took
que je m'asseye
(that) I sat
que tu t'asseyes
(that) you sat
qu'il s'asseye
(that) he sat
que nous nous asseyions
(that) we sat
que vous vous asseyiez
(that) you sat (plur.)
qu'ils s'asseyent
(that) they sat
que je sache
(that) I knew (a fact)
que tu saches
(that) you knew (a fact)
qu'il sache
(that) he knew (a fact)
que nous sachions
(that) we knew (a fact)
que vous sachiez
(that) you knew (a fact) (plur.)
qu'ils sachent
(that) they knew (a fact)
que je me lavasse
(that) I washed
que tu te lavasses
(that) you washed
qu'il se lavât
(that) he washed
que nous nous lavassions
(that) we washed
que vous vous lavassiez
(that) you washed (plur.)
qu'ils se lavassent
(that) they washed
que je tinsse
(that) I held
que tu tinsses
(that) you held
qu'il tînt
(that) he held
que nous tinssions
(that) we held
que vous tinssiez
(that) you held (plur.)
qu'ils tinssent
(that) they held
que je vinsse
(that) I came
que tu vinsses
(that) you came
qu'il vînt
(that) he came
que nous vinssions
(that) we came
que vous vinssiez
(that) you came (plur.)
qu'ils vinssent
(that) they came
que je visse
(that) I saw
que tu visses
(that) you saw
qu'il vît
(that) he saw
que nous vissions
(that) we saw
que vous vissiez
(that) you saw (plur.)
qu'ils vissent
(that) they saw
que je voulusse
(that) I wanted
que tu voulusses
(that) you wanted
qu'il voulût
(that) he wanted
que nous voulussions
(that) we wanted
que vous voulussiez
(that) you wanted (plur.)
qu'ils voulussent
(that) they wanted