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che aju
I come
nde reju
you come
ha'e ou
he comes
ñande jaju
we all come
ore roju
just us come
peẽ peju
y'all come
che aha
I go
nde reho
you go
ha'e oho
he goes
ore roho
just us go
peê peho
y'all go
Eho! Te reho!
Che ha'u
I eat
nde re'u
you eat
ha'e ho'u
he eats
ñande ja'u
we all eat
ore ro'u
just us eat
peẽ pe'u
y'all eat
che ha'e
I say
nde ere
you say
ha'e he'i
he says
ñande ja'e
we all say
ore ro'e
we say (excl)
peẽ peje
y'all say