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Computers and the Internet

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высокопроизводительный компьютер a large powerful computer that can work very fast and that a lot of people can use at the same time
персональный компьютер a computer that is used by one person at a time, either at home or at work
ноутбук a small computer that you can carry with you
tablet PC
планшет a small computer which you control by using a tool like a pen instead od a keyboard or a mouse
карманный персональный компьютер a very small light computer that you can carry with you, and that you use to store information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and appointments. Some PDAs can send and receive email, and connect to the Internet
wearable computer
носимый компьютер a computer that is designed to be worn as part of an item of clothing, or attached to the body with a strap around the wrist
system software
системное программное обеспечение a set of programs which a computer needs in order to operate
application software
прикладное программное обеспечение computer software that is designed for a particular use or user
programming tool
средство программирования a program that helps a software designer to create another program or to correct mistakes in it
office suite
офисный пакет a set of computer programs designed to help people who office work
база данных a large data that has been stored and organized on a computer so that you can sort and find information easily
электронная таблица a document that contains rows and columns of numbers that can be used to calculate something
word processing
обработка текстовых данных using computer software or a small computer to write letters and other documents
desktop publishing
компьютерная верстка the work of arranging the writing and pictures for a magazine, small book etc, using a computer and special software
graphical user interface
графический интерфейс пользователя a way of showing and organizing information on a computer screen so that it is easy to use and understand
сбой компьютера if a computer crashes, or if you crash the computer, it suddenly stops working
зависнуть if a computer or a computer screen freezes, the image displayed on the screen will not change because there is a problem with the computer
ошибка в программе a fault in the system of instructions that operates a computer
вирус a set of instructions secretly put into a computer, usually spread through emails, which can destroy information stored on the computer
вирус-червь a type of computer virus that can make copies of itself and destroy information on computers that are connected to each other
электронный мусор, спам email messages that a computer user has not asked for and does not want to read, for example from someone who is advertising something
взломать to secretly find a way of getting information from someone else's computer or changing information on it
anti-virus software
антивирусное программное обеспечение a type of software that looks for and removes viruses in programs and documents on your computer
система ограничения доступа a system that protects a computer network from being used or looked at by people who do not have permission to do so
шифрование the process of changing information on a computer into a special code that only some people can understand
computer science
информатика the study of computers and what they can do
просматривать to spend time looking at web pages, following links from one page to another, looking for particular information
сидеть в Интернете to spend time looking at web pages, following links from one page to another, just for pleasure, and not with any particular purpose
ссылка a special word or picture in an Internet document that you click on to move quickly to another part of the same document or to another document
браузер a computer program that finds information on the Internet and shows it on your computer screen
делать закладку to save the address of a page on the Internet so that you can find it again easily
online banking
дистанционное банковское обслуживание a service provided by banks so that people can find out information about their bank account, pay bills etc using the Internet
Internet Service Provider
поставщик услуг Интернет ISP a business that provides a connection to the Internet for people's computers
message board
форум a place on a website where you can read or leave messages
обсуждение, ветка форума a series of messages concerning the same subject, written by members of an Internet discussion group
загружать на компьютер, скачивать to move information or programs from a computer network to a small computer
выкладывать, закачивать if information, a computer program etc uploads, or if you upload it, you move it from a small computer to a computer network so that other people can see it or use it
broadband Internet
широкополосный Интернет a system of connecting computers to the Internet and moving information, such as messages or pictures, at a very high speed