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ᎦᎴᏴᏒ ‎(galeyvsv)
to burn (intransitive)
ᎠᏓᏅᏖᏍᎬ ‎(adanvtesgv)
to think
ᎣᏅᏛ ‎(onvdv)
to know
ᎠᎴᏗ ‎(aledi)
to stand
ᎤᏬᎳ (uwola)
to sit
ᎦᎷᏨ (galutsv)
to come
ᎠᎢᏒ ‎(aisv)
to walk
ᎤᎾᏰᎯᏍᏗ ‎(unayehisdi)
to fear
ᎤᏰᏣᏍᎬ ‎(uyetsasgv)
to laugh
ᎧᏬᎳᏕᏛ ‎(kawoladedv)
to breathe
ᎠᏦᏔᏍᎦ ‎(atsotasga)
to blow
ᎠᏓᏁᏗ ‎(adanedi)
to give
ᎠᏗᏔᏍᏗ ‎(aditasdi)
to drink
ᎠᎩᏍᏗ (agisdi)
to eat