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ka ‘ao‘ao ‘ekahi
page one, the first page
ho‘okahi ‘ao‘ao
one page (amount)
ka ‘ao‘ao ‘elua
page two, the second page
‘elua ‘ao‘ao
two pages (amount)
ka ‘ao‘ao ‘umi
page ten, the tenth page
he ‘umi ‘ao‘ao
ten pages (amount)
‘Ehia ‘ao‘ao?
How many pages?
Ma ka ‘ao‘ao ‘ehia?
On what page? (on page number what?)
Aia i hea ‘o Kimo?
Where's Kimo?
Aia me wai ‘o Kimo?
Who's Kimo with?
Aia ‘o Kimo ma ka hale.
Kimo's at home. (...at the house)
Aia ka ‘anakē o Kimo ma ka hale.
Kimo's aunty is at home.
Aia ‘o Kimo me Nani.
Kimo's with Nani.
‘A‘ole ‘o Kimo me Nani.
Kimo is not with Nani.
me a‘u
with me
me ia
with him / with her
me kona hoaaloha
with his friend / with her friend
Pehea ‘o Kimo?
How's Kimo?
Pehea, e Kimo?
How's (it), Kimo?
Pehea, e Keiki?
How's it Keiki? (person's name is Keiki)
Pehea, e ke keiki?
How's it kid? (talking to a child)
Pehea ‘o Kimo, e Keiki?
How's Kimo, Keiki?
...ma Wailana
at Waialana (a place)
...i Wailana
to Wailana (a place)
...iā Wailana
to Wailana (a person)
...iā ‘oe
to you
...iā ia
to him / to her
to me
Aia ka lū‘au ma Kona.
The lū‘au is in (the place called) Kona.
Aia ka lū‘au i Kona
The lū‘au is in (the place called) Kona.
Aloha, e Kimo!
Hello, Kimo!
Aloha, e ka hoaaloha!
Hello, friend!
Aloha, e Hoaaloha
Hello, Hoaaloha! (person's name is Hoaaloha)
Aloha, e ka ‘anakala!
Hello, uncle! (the person is your real uncle)
Aloha, e ‘Anakala!
Hello, Uncle! (the person is regularly called Uncle as a name, may or may not be your real uncle)