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Germany, USA & Soviet Union
Which 3 major powers did not join the League of Nations?
What was the collective name of the League of Nations' rules
Where did members of the League of Nations meet each year to discuss important issues?
UK, France, Italy & Japan
Which 4 countries were the permanent members of the League of Nations' Council?
In which country was the league of Nations based?
What could member countries of the League use to block action from taking place?
Mitigation, condemnation & economic sanctions
What were the 3 main punishments that countries could receive from the League of Nations?
Permanent Court of Justice
What was the name of the League of Nations' court?
Special commissions
What did the League of Nations set up to tackle major issues?
What was the term given for the USA's lack of involvement in world affairs?
Which city did Poland and Lithuania both claim?
Did Poland or Lithuania win the dispute over Vilna in 1920?
Germany and Poland
The dispute over Upper Silesia was between which 2 countries?
Sweden & Finland
Which 2 countries wanted to claim the Aland Islands?
Which country was forced to apologise and pay compensation to Italy during the crisis over Corfu in 1923?
Which country did Greece invade in 1923, but withdrew after pressure from the League?
Wall Street Crash
Which major financial crisis occurred in 1929?
Locarno Treaty
In which treaty did European countries, including Germany, agree to recognise their borders?
League of Nations
Which organisation did Germany join in 1926?
Kellogg-Briand Pact
Which agreement, signed by 65 countries in 1928, banned war?
The Treaty of Rapallo
Which treaty did Russia & Germany sign in 1922 in which they promised to cooperate?
Which region of China did Japan invade in 1931?
The Mukden Incident
What was the name of the event in which the Japanese-controlled railway was blown up in Manchuria?
Lytton Commission
What was the name of the League of Nations commission which investigated the crisis in Manchuria
Which region of China did Japan invade after Manchuria?
What did Japan re-name Manchuria?
Which major power continued to trade with Japan after the invasion of Manchuria?
Which major power could have resisted the Japanese when they invaded Manchuria?
Benito Mussolini
Who was the dictator of Italy?
Stresa Front
What was the name of the organisation which opposed Nazi Germany breaking the Treaty of Versailles