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Tha Iain òg.
John is young.
Tha Anna beag.
Ann is small.
Tha Seumas sgìth.
James is tired.
Tha Màiri toilichte.
Mary is happy.
Tha Dòmhnall an seo.
Donald is here.
Tha Uilleam an sin.
William is there.
Tha Raghnall an siud.
Ronald is yonder.
Tha Iain math.
John is good.
Tha Anna gu math.
Ann is well.
Tha mi sgìth.
I am tired.
Tha thu làidir.
You are strong.
Tha e fuar.
He is cold.
Tha sinn blàth.
We are warm.
Tha sibh fliuch.
You (plural) are wet.
Tha iad an seo.
They are here.
at me
at you (familiar)
at him
at her
at us
at you (plural)
at them
Tha cat an seo.
There is a cat here.
Tha craobh an sin.
There is a tree there.
Tha cat aig Iain.
John has a cat.
Tha cù aig Màiri.
Mary has a dog.
Tha leabhar aig Anna.
Ann has a book.
Tha taigh aig Seumas.
James has a house.
Tha airgead aig Iain.
John has money.
Tha càr agam.
I have a car.
Tha leabhar agad.
You have a book.
Tha taigh aige.
He has a house.
Tha airgead aca.
They have money.