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tha fios aig Iain
John knows
tha fios agam
I know
chan eil
am not/is not/are not
Chan eil Iain mòr.
John is not big.
Chan eil Anna toilichte.
Ann is not happy.
Chan eil mi sgìth.
I am not tired.
Chan eil iad an seo.
They are not here.
Chan eil cat aig Màiri.
Mary doesn't have a cat.
Chan eil deoch aig Dòmhnall.
Donald doesn't have a drink.
Chan eil airgead agam.
I don't have any money.
a bheil
A bheil Seumas sgìth?
Is James tired?
A bheil Màiri fuar?
Is Mary cold?
A bheil Iain an seo?
Is John here?
A bheil cat aig Anna?
Does Ann have a cat?
A bheil airgead agad?
Do you have any money?
nach eil
am not/isn't/aren't?
Nach eil Anna toilichte?
Isn't Ann happy?
Nach eil iad math?
Aren't they good?
Nach eil cù aig Dòmhnall?
Doesn't Donald have a dog?
Nach eil taigh aice?
Doesn't she have a house?
Chan eil not agam.
I haven't got a pound.
Chan eil agam ach not.
I have only a pound.
Chan eil sgillinn aig Seumas.
James hasn't got a penny.
Chan eil aig Seumas ach sgillinn.
James has only a penny.