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I (emphatic)
you (familiar emphatic)
he/it (emphatic)
she/it (emphatic)
We (Emphatic)
you (plural emphatic)
they (emphatic)
Tha Iain beag ach tha mise mòr.
John is small but I'm big.
Tha Anna sgìth ach chan eil mise.
Ann is tired but I'm not.
Ciamar a tha thusa?
How are you? (emphatic)
Cò thusa?
Who are you? (familiar)
Cò thu?
Who are you? (familiar)
Is mise Iain.
I am John.
Is tusa Anna.
You are Ann (familiar).
Is esan Seumas.
He is James.
Is ise Peigi.
She is Peggy.
Is sinne an clas Gàidhlig.
We are the Gaelic class.
Is sibhse an tidsear.
You are the teacher. (formal)
Is iadsan Màiri agus Calum.
They are Mary and Calum.
Cha mhise Iain.
I am not John.
Cha tusa Anna.
You are not Ann. (familiar)
Chan esan Seumas.
He isn't James.
Chan ise Peigi.
She isn't Peigi.
Cha sinne an clas Gàidhlig.
We aren't the Gaelic class.
Cha sibhse an tidsear.
You aren't the teacher. (formal)
Cha iadsan Màiri agus Calum.
They aren't Mary and Calum.
Am mise Iain?
Am I John?
An tusa Anna?
Are you Ann? (familiar)
Nach mise Iain?
Am I not John?
Nach tusa Anna?
Aren't you Ann? (familiar)