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(every) now and then
sometimes but not very often. (~de vez en cuando)
give (sb) a heads up
to tell someone that something is going to happen; a warning. (~avisar, advertir)
blue-collar worker
relating to people who do physical work rather than mental work, and who usually do not work in an office. (~obrero)
drop sb a line
to write a short letter to someone.
stay in touch
to maintain contact with another person. (~estar en contacto)
keep sb posted
to make sure someone knows what is happening, esp. in a situation that is quickly changing. (~mantener informado a alguien)
fit as a fiddle
to be very healthy and strong. (~estar en forma)
beat around the bush
to avoid talking about what is important. (~andar con rodeos)
shot in the dark
an attempt without much hope or chance of succeeding. (~tiro a ciegas)
give it some gas
used for telling someone to go faster or press the gas pedal in a car. (~¡pisa el acelerador!)
speak sb's mind
to say what one really thinks, talk freely and fearlessly. (~decir lo que se piensa)
in its infancy
to be very new and still developing. (~en pañales)
sit around
to spend time sitting down and doing very little (~holgazanear)
sit back
to sit comfortably with your back against the back of a chair (~cruzarse de brazos)
cut to the chase
to focus on what is important; to abandon the preliminaries and deal with the major points. (~ir al grano)