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get together
a gathering of people, esp. for enjoyment (~reunirse, juntarse, quedar)
get through sth
to succeed in an exam or competition (~pasar, superar)
get through to sb
(~comunicarse con alguien, llegar a alguien)
get on with sb
have a good relationship with somebody (~llevarse bien con alguien)
get over sth
to get better after an illness, or feel better after something or someone has made you unhappy (~superarlo, recuperarse)
get away
to leave or escape from a person or place, often when it is difficult to do this (~escapar, huir)
get by with sth
survive with what you have (~sobrevivir con)
tap into sth
to use part of a large supply of something for your own advantage (~sacar provecho de algo)
latch onto sth
to become connected to something (~asimilar, aceptar, adaptarse a una idea; acoplarse a algo)