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the ball is in sb's court
It's your responsibility now; it's up to you. (~la pelota está en tu cancha)
piece of cake
A very easy task or accomplishment. (~pan comido)
nothing to write home about
Mediocre; not as good as you expected. (~nada del otro mundo)
bite off more than sb can chew
To attempt more than one is capable of doing. (~abarcar más de lo que se puede)
treat oneself to sth
To do or to buy something special for oneself. (~engreirse con; darse un gusto con)
(right/just) around the corner
Going to happen very soon; very close to the place that you are. (~a la vuelta de la esquina)
pay through the nose
To pay too much money for something. (~pagar una fortuna)
crying one's eyes out
To cry excessively or inconsolably. (~llorar desconsoladamente)
a shoulder to cry on
Someone who is willing to listen to your problems and give you sympathy, emotional support, and encouragement.
be a far cry from sth
To be completely different from something. (~distar bastante)
water under the bridge
Something that has happened and cannot be changed. (~parte/cosa del pasado)
hit the sack/hay
To go to bed in order to sleep. (~irse a dormir)
give/lend sb a hand
To help someone (~dar una mano a alguien)
(every) once in a while
Sometimes, but not regularly. (~de vez en cuando)
have the/an edge on/over sth/sb
Have an advantage over sth/sb. (~tener una ventaja sobre algo/alguien)