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hand out < sth
to give sth to each person in a group of people. (~repartir)
wipe out < sth
to destroy or get rid of something. (~cancelar; "limpiar"; destruir)
cling (on) to sth
to try very hard to keep something (~aferrarse a algo)
clamp down on sth
to take strong action to stop or limit a harmful or unwanted activity (~tomar medidas contra algo)
call on/upon sb to do sth
to officially ask someone to do something. (~hacer un llamado a alguien para hacer algo)
make of sb
to have an impression or an understanding about something (~pensar de alguien; hacerse una idea/descripción de alguien)
make out < sb/sth
to be able to see or hear something or someone, usually with difficulty (~distinguir)
roll out < sth
to produce a new product or service, and get it ready for the public to buy. (~lanzar, presentar un nuevo producto)
make up with sb
to forgive someone who you have argued with and to become friendly with them again. (~hacer las paces)
make up < sb/sth
to put make-up on someone's face, to improve or change its appearance. (~maquillar)
go after sth
to try to get something (~ir tras; perseguir; conseguir)
fill in < sb (usually + on sth)
To tell someone about the things that have happened while they have not been there. (~poner al corriente a alguien)
bend down
to move the top part of your body towards the ground. (~agacharse)
map out < sth
to plan something carefully or to explain carefully what your plans are. (~trazar, planear, hacer un mapa)
pick out < sth/sb
to choose one thing or person or several things or people from a large group. (~escoger)