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on one's toes
alert; cautious
to watch one's step
to walk or move cautiously, to be careful when walking or moving
to watch what one says/does
to speak or behave carefully
to see eye to eye
to agree; to concur
to have in mind
to be considering; to be thinking
to keep in mind (to bear in mind)
to remember; not to forget
for once
this one time; for only one time
to go off
to explode; to sound as an alarm; to leave suddenly without explanation
to grow out of
to outgrow, to become too old for; to be a result of
to make the best of
to do the best that one can in a poor situation
to cut off
to shorten by cutting the ends; to disconnect or stop suddenly
to cut out (to knock it off)
to remove by cutting; to stop doing something