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to go up
to increase; to be constructed; to be erected
to go up to (to come up to) (to walk up to) (to driwe up to)
to approach
to hand in
to submit or deliver something that is due
in case
in order to be prepared if
to take apart
to disassemble; to separate the parts of something
to put together
to assemble
to be better off
to be in a more favorable condition or situation
to be well-off (to be well-to-do)
to have enough money to enjoy a comfortable life; to be rich
to take by surprise
to surprise; to amaze; to astonish
to stress out
To worry, be anxious, or feel stress; to cause to worry, be anxious, or feel stress
to name after
to give the same name as another
to hold on (hang on)
to grasp tightly or firmly; to wait; to be patient