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to stop by
to visit or stop somewhere briefly in order to do something
to drop a line
to write a note to someone
to come across (to run across)
to meet or find unexpectedly; to be perceived or judged as
to cross one's mind
to come to one's thoughts unexpectedly or briefly, to occur to one
to stand for
to represent, to signify; to tolerate
to stand a chance
to have the possibility of accomplishing something
to look on
to watch as a spectator, to observe
to look up to
to admire, to respect greatly
to look down on
to feel superior to, to think of someone as less important
to take off
to leave ground (for airplanes); to leave, often in a hurry
to pull off (to pull over)
to succeed in doing something difficult; to exit to the side of a road
to give a call
to telephone