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to make do
to manage, to cope
to give birth to
to bear a human being or animal
close call (close shave)
a situation involving a narrow escape from danger
to get on one's nerves (to bug)
to annoy or disturb
to put down
to suppress, to quell; to criticize unfairly
to go for
to be sold at a certain price; to seek or strive for; to agree with or to consider
to be into (to get into)
to have as an interest, such as a sport or hobby
to stay up
to remain awake, not to go to bed
to stay in
to remain at home, not to go out
to take over
to assume control responsibility for; to do a perform again
to show up (to turn up)
to appear, to arrive; to be found or located
to clean out
to empty, to tidy by removing; to steal, to rob; to buy or purchase all of something