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to work out
to exercise; to develop, to devise (a plan); to proceed or end successfully
to back up
to drive or go backwards; to defend, to support; to return to a previous thought
to back out
to drive a vehicle out of a parking space; to withdraw support, to fail to fulfill a promise or obligation
To have one's heart
to desire greatly, to be determined to
to buy up
to buy the complete stock of
to buy out
to purchase a business or company; to purchase all of a person's shares or stock
to sell out
to sell all items; to arrange for the sale of a company or business; to purchase all of a person's shares or stock
to catch on
to become popular or widespread; to understand, to appreciate a joke
to be cut out for
to have necessary skills or talent for
to throw out
to discard; to remove by force; to refuse to consider, to reject
to throw up
to erect or construct quickly
to clear up
to make understandable; to become sunny