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to pick out
to choose; to select
to take one's time
to do without rush; not to hurry
to talk over
to discuss or consider a situation with others
to lie down
to place oneself in a flat position; to recline
to stand up (to get up)
to rise from a sitting or lying position
to sit down (to take a seat, have a seat)
to be seated
all (day; week; month; year) long
the entire (day; week; month; year)
by oneself
alone; without assistance
on purpose
for a reason; deliberately
to get along (with)
to associate or work well with; to succeed or manage in; never argue
to make a difference (to) (to matter to)
to be of importance (to) ; to affect (təsiredici)
to take out (go out with)
to remove; to extract; to go on a date with