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to slow down
to go, or cause to go, more slowly
to dry up
to lose, or cause to lose, all moisture; to be depleted
to dry out
to lose, or cause to lose, moisture gradually; to stop drinking alcohol in excess
to be up to
to be doing something; to be planning or plotting something, scheming
to beat around the bush
to avoid discussing directly, to evade the issue
to come to an end
to end, to stop
to put an end to
to cause to end, to terminate in a definite manner
to get even with
to seek revenge, to retaliate
to fool around
to waste time; to joke, not to be serious
to look out on
to face, to overlook
to stir up
to cause anger; to create (trouble or difficulty)
to take in
to visit in order to enjoy; to decrease the size of clothes; to deceive, to fool