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to kick (something) around
to discuss informally (over a period of time)
on the ball
attentive, competent, alert
to make up
to meet or fulfill a missed obligation at a later time; to create, to invent (an idea); to apply cosmetics to; to comprise, to be composed of
to make up with
to resolve differences with
to pull together
to gather, to collect (information); to gain control of one's emotions
to be looking up
to appear promising or optimistic, to be improving
to kick the habit
to stop a bad habit
to cover up
to conceal, to hide
to drop off
to fall asleep; to take to a certain location; to decrease
to turn over
to place upside down; to flip, to turn upside down; to pass or give control to someone
to go through channels
to send a request through the normal way
the last straw
the final event in a series of unacceptable actions