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to get cold feet
to become unable or afraid to do something
to trade in
to receive credit for the value of an old item towards the purchase of a new item
direct, personal; directly, personally (written without hyphens)
to be with (someone)
to support, to back; to understand or follow what someone is saying
to be with it
to be able to focus or concentrate on
to fall for
to fall in love quickly; to be fooled or tricked by
it figures
it seems likely, reasonable, or typical
to make (someone) tick
to motivate to behave or act in a certain way
to cover for
to take someone's place temporarily, to substitute for; to protect someone by lying or deceiving
to give (someone) a break
to provide a person with another opportunity or chance; not to expect too much work from; not to expect someone to believe
to bow out
to stop doing as a regular activity, to remove oneself from a situation
to stick it out
to remain in an unpleasant situation or keep doing an unpleasant activity, usually for a certain amount of time