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out of the question
impossible, not feasible
to have to do with
to have some connection with or relationship to
to check in
to register at a hotel or motel; to leave or deposit for transporting or safekeeping
to check out
to pay the bill at a hotel or motel and then leave; to investigate, to examine
to take one at one's word
to accept what one says as true, to believe
to serve (the/ones) purpose
to be useful, to suit one's needs or requirements
to cop out
to avoid one's responsibility, to quit
to line up
to form a line; to arrange to have, to manage to obtain
to loose ones cool
to get excited, angry, or flustered
to leave open
to delay making a decision on
to miss the boat
to lose an opportunity, to fail in some undertaking
to think up
to invent, to create