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to throw (someone) a curve
to introduce an unexpected topic, causing embarrassment
to make waves
to create a disturbance, usually by complaining
to carry on
to continue as before; to conduct, to engage in; to behave in an immature manner
not on your life
absolutely not
to cover ground
to be extensive, to discuss much material
to throw the book at
to punish with full penalty, to be harsh on
to put one's foot in
to say or do the wrong thing
to be up for grabs
to become available to others
to show off
to display one's ability in order to attract attention; to let others see, to expose to public view
to learn the ropes
to become familiar with routine procedures
to have under one's belt
to have in one's experience, ownership, or accomplishments
to keep one's fingers crossed
to hope to have good results, to hope that nothing bad will happen