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to land on one's feet
to recover safely from an unpleasant or dangerous situation
to dish out
to distribute in large quantity; to speak of others in a critical manner
to get through to
to communicate with, to make someone understand
to keep one's word
to fulfill a promise, to be responsible
to be in over one's head
to be very busy, to have too much to do; to be beyond one's ability to understand
to ask for
to deserve, to receive a just punishment
to be a far cry from
to be very different from
by all means
certainly, definitely, naturally
to get out from under
to restore one's financial security, to resolve a difficult financial obligation
to take the bull by the horns
to handle a difficult situation with determination
to give (someone) a hand
to assist, to aid, to help
to give someone a big hand
to clap one's hands in applause, to applaud