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behind (one’s) back
without one’s knowledge, secretly
to talk back to
to answer in a rude manner, to speak to disrespectfully
to be in
to be popular or fashionable; to be available at one’s work or home
to be out
to be unpopular or no longer in fashion; to be away from one’s work or home
to draw the line at
to determine to be unacceptable, to refuse to consider
to get out of line
to disobey or ignore normal procedures or rules
dry run
rehearsal, practice session
to play by ear
to play music that one has heard but never read; to proceed without plan, to do spontaneously
to be in (someone’s) shoes
to be in another person’s position, to face the same situation as another person
to keep after
to remind constantly, to nag
to fix up
to repair or put back in good condition; to arrange a date or an engagement for another person
to be had
to be victimized or cheated