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to hang out
to spend time, usually being idle or unproductive
to hang up
to place clothes on a hook or hanger; to replace the receiver
to count on (to depend on) (to rely on)
to trust someone in time of need
to make friends
to become friendly with others
out of order
not in working condition
to get to
to be able to do something special; to arrive at a place such as home, work, etc. (without “to”- with words “home” or “there”)
to look over (to get over, to read over, to check over)
to examine; to inspect closely
to have time off (to take time off)
to have free time; not to have to work
to go on (to keep on)
to happen; to resume; to continue
to put out
extinguish (quench); to cause to stop functioning
all of a sudden (all at once)
suddenly; without warning
ahead of time
before a scheduled time or event