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are going to play
The children _______ [play] basketball in our garden at 2 o'clock tomorrow.
is going to spend
Tony _______ [spend] his holiday in Dikili this year.
is going to live
Sandy _______ [live] with her aunt during her education.
are going to migrate
They _______ [migrate] to America to have a new life.
is going to have
Be careful! The car is very fast. It _______ [have] an aciident.
are going to travel
Mr. and Mrs. Dolly _______ [travel] around the world by ship.
going to make
Is your mother _______ [make] a big cake for your birthday?
is going to fly
Mike _______ [fly] to Belgium tomorrow afternoon.
am going to take
I _______ [take] my CD player with me to school tomorrow.
is going to eat
Andy _______ [eat] chicken and chips for lunch.
are going to clean
Sam and Celina _______ [clean] the whole house tomorrow for their quests.
am going to sell
I _______ [sell] flowers on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Street tonight.
is going to buy
Kevin _______ [buy] a diamond ring for jenny because he wants to marry her.
is going to tell
Don's grandfather _______ [tell] him a story when he goes to bed.
are going to walk
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer _______ [walk] to work because their car is not in use at the moment.
is going to publish
Ayşe Kulin _______ [publish] a new novel next month.
is going to visit
Sandra _______ [visit] her step-mother in her house.
are going to listen
We _______ [listen] to TRT FM tonight.
is going to celebrate
Everybody _______ [celebrate] Bayram tomorrow because it is one of our traditions.
Your friend has won some money.
What are you going to do with it?
What are you going to wear?
Your friend is going to a party tonight. You ask:
Where are you going to put it?
Your friend has just bought a new table.you ask:
Who are you going to invite?
Your friend has decided to have a party.you ask:
am going to
A: Have you decided to write some letters tonight?
am going to
B is a smoker but he/she has decided to give it up soon.
am not going
B has been offered a job but he/she has decided not to take it.
am going to
A and B are in a restaurant. The food is awful and B has decided to complain.