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...it melts.
If you heat butter,_______
...it freezes.
If you put water in a cooler,_______
...it boils.
If you heat water to 100 degrees,_______
...the time changes.
If you cross an international date line,_______
...it floats.
If you drop ice in water,_______
...it reacts violently.
If mix bleach with ammonia,_______
it melts.
If you heat ice,
visit Big Ben.
If you go to London,
If you get there before me,
wait for me outside the door.
If you exercise,
you build muscle.
you get fat.
If you eat too much food,
you get burned.
If you touch fire,
they die.
If people don't eat for a long time,
they cry.
If babies are hungry,
If I wake up late,
I am late for school.
they aren't healthy.
If children don't eat well,
If you smoke cigarettes,
your breath is stinky and your fingers turn yellow.
If you go to bed early,
you feel better the next day.
Jon gets sick
if he drinks milk.
If my mom cooks,
it's always delicious.