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I would have told you.
If I had written a love letter to you,
Have you _______ what she is wearing?
has tried
Everyone in my family _______ to be together during the holidays.
By the end of the summer,
he would have been known as the "Lady Killer" of the town. He loves to date a new girl every week.
you get a huge sunburn.
If you stay under the sun all day,
If the price of gasoline continues to climb,
the people will begin to protest against the high prices set by the petroleum companies.
I will not get in trouble because my teacher saw
I had written the comparison and contrast essay about the ants and the bees without anyone's help.
he had already spoken to the rest of the class about it
When I spoke to Mike yesterday about organizing a chocolate day,
My friend and I have never _______ in a 5K run.
The school's choir has _______ at the White House
Tamara and Carolina _______at the student reunion yesterday.
No matter how many times I _______ to the store last year, I would always need to go back the next day to get something else.
Maria Ines did _______ on the floor, that's why she has her pants dirty.
The salesman had _______ the box on top of the counter, but it fell down.
Our story _______ in 2003, when we were children.
By the time we got to the theatre, the movie had already _______.
The airplane had to _______ higher than the tornado.
I have _______ so many times I cannot count them.
had spoken
Ahmad told me that he _______ to his brother two days ago, but he lied.
had studied
Maria _______ for the SAT test before she decided to take it.
has studied
Maria _______ for the SAT test, that's why she will take it next month.
If the teacher had not been in school today,
we would have had a strange person giving us the instructions.
If the teacher were not here today,
we would have a strange person giving us the instructions.
had finished
Ten minutes after the exam started Ruben _______ his work.
has finished
Ruben _______ his work, so I will call him "Speedy Gonzalez" because no one can write a great essay in 10 minutes.
has already gotten
My dog _______ his shots this year.
had already gotten
My dog _______ his shots when the city passed a law demanding that all dogs be vaccinated.
have broken
Jose would not _______ his ankle if he had not jumped so much.
has broken
Jose _______ his ankle because he was jumping too much.
The spider _______ her wicked trap for the poor fly.
When the fly realized where it was, the spider had already_______ a wicked trap. The fly could not scape.
The man did not think the boy could have _______ his money.
The boy _______ the old man's money.
If the thief had not _______ the woman's purse, she would have had the money to pay for the shoes.
The thief _______ the woman's purse, so she did not have money to pay for the shoes.