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will buy
If I go to the post office tomorrow, I [buy] _______ some stamps.
will tell
If I see them, I [tell] _______ them you are looking for them.
will go
If my grandfather asks me to go fishing this afternoon, I [go] _______ with him.
If we [go] _______ to California next summer, we will visit both San Diego and San Francisco.
will drop
If the police stop John one more time for speeding, his insurance company [drop] _______ him.
would not have told
I [no tell] _______ you if I had known that you would get upset.
would give
If I had a million dollars, I [give] _______ you half.
would call
If Alicia wanted to go with us, she [call] _______ us and tell us.
would sleep
If the old man exercised every day, he [sleep] _______ better every night.
Jack would answer the door if he [be] _______ not in bed right now.
would have played
If the football team hadn't partied all night last Friday, they [play] _______ a lot better the following morning.
had waited
If he [wait] _______ for his friends, he would not have gone to the party alone.
would have been
If more young people had gone to the last extraordinary excursion, it [be] _______ more fun.
will give
When I see her, I [give] _______ it to her.
had slowed
If the captain of the Titanic [slow] _______ down when he heard about the iceberg warnings, the ship would not have hit the iceberg.
would have done
If I had known then what I know now, I [do] _______ it differently.
would have happened
If you had listened to what I told you, none of this [happen] _______ .
If we [be] _______ in London today, we would go to the concert in the park with all my family.
had gone
If I [go] _______ to University when I was younger, I would have studied Economics.
If you [turn] _______ in your homework late to Ms. Mead she does not give you any points for it.
would not have recognized
I [no recognize] _______ him if somebody hadn't told me who he was. He looked so different from the last time I saw him!
had taken
If I [take] _______ that job, I don't think I would have been very happy right now.
had studied
I would have had/gotten a better grade in this class now if I [study] _______ harder during the year.
would have sent
I [send] _______ you a postcard if I hadn't lost your address.
had stopped
If it [stop] _______ raining yesterday, I would have gone for a walk with you.
will want
Mary [want] _______ to drive if she comes with us.
hadn't reminded
I would have forgotten all about his birthday if you [no remind] _______ me.
If we [win] _______ the lottery, we would buy a new car.
would not have bought
I [no buy] _______ this cellphone if I had known it was going to break after a week.
didn't drink
If you [no drink] _______ so much coffee, you would sleep better.
would buy
I [buy] _______ a Mercedes if I could afford it.
If I [be] _______ you, I would not do that.
would not have missed
If I had left the house on time, I _______ [not miss] the train.
would not have taken
I [no take] _______ the job if I had known about the mean boss.
had had
If I [have] _______ time, I would have visited him. But I didn't have time.
He [get] _______ angry if you talk about his mom.
had told
If you [tell] _______ me sooner, I would have kept an extra ticket for you.
would have gone
I [go] _______ to the party yesterday if I hadn't had so much homework to do last night.
had seen
If I [see] _______ him at the meeting, I would have asked him. But he wasn't there so I didn't.
would want
If you knew how cool Mexico is, you [want] _______ to vacation there all the time.
hadn't called
We would not have been in detention now if you [no call] _______ me during 5th period!
had asked
If you [ask] _______ for help last week in class, you would have understood the grammar ideas better now.
would have loaned
If I had brought cash with me, I [loan] _______ it to you.
wouldn't be
We [no be] _______ lost now if we had brought the map.
We will give it to them, if they [tell] _______ us they want it.
If babies are hungry, they [cry] _______ .
The internet gets really slow when too many people [use] _______ it.
I can't see the board if he [sit] _______ there.