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My purse has been found by one of the cleaners.
One of the cleaners has found my purse.
He was hit on the head with a hammer (by the robber).
The robber hit him on the head with a hammer.
A new road has been built in this area (by the government).
The government has built a new road in this area.
I was handed a note (by the assistant).
The assistant handed me a note.
John was elected class representative.
We elected John class representative.
My wallet has been taken.
Someone has taken my wallet.
Bicycles are (often, widely) used as a means of transport.
Many people use bicycles as a means of transport.
I was advised to get a visa.
They advised me to get a visa.
The old road was being rebuilt when I drove by.
They were rebuilding the old road when I drove by.
A new shopping centre was opened by the local council.
The local council opened a new shopping centre.
Nothing has been decided yet.
They haven’t decided anything yet.
The new stadium was slowly being filled by the crowd.
The crowd was slowly filling the new stadium.
It has been suggested that the shop should close.
Someone has suggested that the shop should close.
A knife was used to open the window.
Dad used a knife to open the window.
Your drinks will be brought in a minute.
The waitress will bring you your drinks in a minute
Nothing was ever heard of John again.
Nobody ever heard anything of John again.
I was asked the way three times.
People asked me the way three times
Many cars had been parked on the pavement.
Lots of people had parked their cars on the pavement.
The boxes have not been packed yet.
The helpers have not packed the boxes yet.
The food is still being prepared.
They are still preparing the food.
The new ship will be launched next week.
They will launch the new ship next week.
The church was built by Christopher Wren in the 17th century.
Christopher Wren built the church in the 17th century.
The goal was scored by Beckham in the 35th minute.
Beckham scored the goal in the 35th minute.
All main courses are served with vegetables and salad.
We serve all main courses with vegetables and salad.
Harry was pushed over the railing.
Someone pushed Harry over the railing.