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Word that modifies a noun, or a pronoun
A, an, and the
Are always adjectives
Is a verb from used as an adjective
Participle usually end in
[ ing- -d, -ed, -t, or -en]
Proper Adjective
Is a word formed from a proper noun and, like a proper noun begins with a capital letter.
Predicate Adjective
Is an adjective that follows a linking vern and modifies the subject.
Is a group of words that is used as one part of speech..
Is a verb form used as an adjective modify a noun or a pronoun. Participle end -ing -d, -ed, -t or -en.
Positive, Comparative, Superlative
There are 3 types of Comparison?
Comparative degree
Is used when 2 people or things are compared.
Positive Degree
Is used when no comparison is needed
Superlative Degree
Is used when 3 or more people or things are being compared.
Good, well, bad, ull, many, much
Better, better, worse, worse, more, more
Best, best, worst, worsr, most, most
Double Comparison
Never use -er and more together or -eat and most together.
Use other or else with the comparative.
When comparing a person with a group of which that person is a member,
Use Fewer with
Items that can be counted: { There are fewer players on that team}
Use Less with
A quantity of a substance { That tram needs less help }