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Conditional Clauses, Type 1 & 2

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didn´t have
I have a lot to do today. If I _______ so much to do, we could go out.
he had
If _______ the money, he would buy a fast car. [he/have]
She wouldn´t be
Jane likes living in a city_______ happy if she lived in the country. [she/not/be]
I would go
If I wanted to learn Italian, _______ to Italy. [I/go]
she knew
I haven´t told Helen what happened. She´d be angry if _______ [she/know]
we had
If _______ a map, I could show you where I live. [we/have]
you won
What would you do if _______ a lot of money? [you/win]
I wouldn´t stay
It´s not a very good hotel_______ there if I were you. [I/not/stay]
we lived
If _______ nearer London, we would go there more often. [we/live]
It would be
It´s a pity you have to go now_______ nice if you had more time. [it/be]
the salary were
I´m not going to take the job. I´d take it if _______ better. [the salary/be]
I wouldn´t know
I don´t know anything about cars. If the car broke down, _______ what to do. [I/not/know]
would you change
If you could change one thing in the world, what _______ ? [you/change]
I´d buy that jacket if it _______ [be] a bit cheaper.
would watch
If there was a good film on TV gonight, I _______ [watch] it.
This room would be nicer if we _______ [have] some pictures on the wall.
would be
If there wasn´t so much traffic, the air _______ [be] cleaner.
Life would be boring if evey day _______ [be] the same.
would be bored
If I had nothing to do, I _______ [bored].
We could invite all our friends to stay if we _______ [have] a bigger house.
would buy
If we had more money, we _______ [buy] a bigger house.
could get
I´d be happier if I _______ [can/get] a better job.
´ll stay
If it rains tomorrow, I _______ [stay] at home.
If it _______ [rain] tomorrow, I ́ll stay at home.
will phone
If the bus doesn´t arrive in the next five minutes, I _______ [phone] the bus company.
doesn´t arrive
If the bus _______ [not/arrive] in the next five minutes, I will phone the bus company.
don´t wear
Your mother will be very angry if you _______ [not/wear] your coat.
will be
Your mother _______ [be] very angry if you don´t wear your coat.
will catch
If we leave now, we _______ [catch] the train.
If we _______ [leave] now, we will catch the train.
will wash up
If you prepare the lunch, I _______ [wash up] afterwards.
If you _______ [prepare] the lunch, I will wash up afterwards.
won´t come
If you invite Tim to the party, he _______ [not/come].
If you _______ [invite] Tim to the party, he won´t come.
will come
If you want, I _______ [come] with you.
If you _______ [want], I will come with you.
He will help you if you _______ [ask] him.
will help
He _______ [help] you if you ask him.
will give
If you give me your bike, I _______ [give] you my scooter.
If you _______ [give] me your bike, I will give you my scooter.
will visit
If my father doesn´t take his holiday in July, we _______ [visit] Aunt Mary in September.
doesn´t take
If my father _______ [not take] his holiday in July, we will visit Aunt Mary in September.
don´t show
I won´t come home earlier if they _______ [not show] the match on TV.
won´t come
I _______ [not come] home earlier if they don´t show the match on TV.
You won´t go out and play with your friends if you _______ [need] such a long time to do your homework.
won´t go
You _______ [not go] out and play with your friends if you need such a long time to do your homework.
won´t have
If it doesn´t stop raining, we _______ [not have] any tomatoes this year.
doesn´t stop
If it _______ [not stop] raining, we won´t have any tomatoes this year.
I will be at the party in time if my Dad _______ [take] me there.
will be
I _______ [be] at the party in time if my Dad takes me there.
If we _______ [send] an invitation, our friends will come to our party.
will come
If we send an invitation, our friends _______ [come] to our party.
won´t understand
He _______ [not understand] you if you whisper.
He won´t understand you if you _______ [whisper].
won´t survive
They _______ [not/survive] in the desert if they don´t take extra water with them.
don´t take
They won´t survive in the desert if they _______ [not/take] extra water with them.
If you _______ [press] CTRL+s, you will save the file.
will save
If you press CTRL+s, you _______ [save] the file
will cross
You _______ [cross] the Channel if you fly from Paris to London.
You will cross the Channel if you _______ [fly] from Paris to London.
will answer
Fred _______ [answer] the phone if his wife has a bath.
Fred will answer the phone if his wife _______ [have] a bath.
If Claire _______ [wear] this dress at the party, our guests won´t stay any longer.
won´t stay
If Claire wears this dress at the party, our guests _______ [not/stay] any longer.
If I _______ [touch] this snake, my girlfriend won´t scream.
won´t scream
If I touch this snake, my girlfriend _______ [not/scream].
will forget
She _______ [forget] to pick you up if you don´t phone her.
don´t phone
She will forget to pick you up if you _______ [not/phone] her.
will remember
I _______ [remember] you if you give me a photo.
I will remember you if you _______ [give] me a photo.
I would have to uninstall the software if it _______ other files on my system. [corrupt]
Your system will freeze if you _______ it to perform too many tasks at once. [ask]
will be able to
If you have a problem uninstalling the software, you _______ reach me on my office number all afternoon. [be able to]
could be due to
If the software didn´t open properly, it _______ a fault with installation. [be due to]
I´ll call you tomorrow morning if I _______ any problems starting my system up again. [have]
don´t stick will have to
If you _______ [not/stick] to the rules, you _______ [have to] bear the consequences.
isn´t shared will be
If the work in the househole _______ [not/share] evenly among family members, some _______ [be] unhappy with their situation.
doesn´t treat will get
If the teacher _______ [not/treat] all his pupils in the same way, he _______ [get] problems with the parents.
refuse won´t be very good
If students _______ [refuse] to study, the results in the final exam _______ [not/be/very good].
will usually get
If you address people politely, you _______ [usually/get] what you ask for.
are will always find
If you _______ [be] a helpful person, you _______ [always/find] someone who helps you too.
really work will succeed in
If you _______ [really/work] hard, you _______ [succeed in] your job.
If there _______ [be] more radar checks, motorists wouldn´t driver so fast.
wouldn´t drive
If there were more radar checks, motorists _______ [drive] so fast.
didn´t get
If I _______ [not/get] a ticket for the match at regular prices, I would try to buy one on the black market.
would try to buy
If I didn´t get a ticketz for the match at regular prices, I _______ [try/buy] one on the black market.
If I _______ [be] you, I wouldn´t go to work tomorrow.
wouldn´t go
If I were you, I _______ [not/go] to work tomorrow.
did learnt revised
If you _______ [do] your homework regularly and if you _______ [learn] your new words and if you _______ [revise] your grammar, you would/could improve your school results.
would/could improve
If you did your homework regularly and if you learnt your new words and if you revised your grammar, you _______ [improve] your school results.
If you really _______ [want] to travel to the USA, you should/would find a job after school.
should/would find
If you really wanted to travel to the USA, you _______ [find] a job after school.
If I _______ [have] such a terrible headache, I would take an aspirin.
would take
If I had such a terrible headache, I _______ [take] an aspirin.