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a, an, the
this, that, these, those
Possessive pronouns
my, his, her, your, its, our, their, whose
Possessive nouns
Joy's, Amy's, Billy's _______
some, few, many, several, no, any
Kim's tricycle is red.
Kim's - determiner -possessive noun
Her aunt arrived today.
Her - determiner - possessive pronoun
Five puppies were born.
Five - determiner - numbers
He bought an umbrella.
an - determiner - article
Please hand me that fork.
that - determiner - demonstrative
Many - determiner - indefinite
Many tourists came to the fair.
What is a Determiner?
A determiner is a word that signals that a noun may follow. They help you identify nouns in a sentence. Determiners are stop signs. When you see a determiner, stop and check if a noun follows.
List the 6 classifications of Determiners _______
The - determiner - article
The tree is beside a stream.
Several - determiner - indefinite
Several ducklings waddled after their mother.
Some -determiner - indefinite
Some people hunt in those woods.
Susan's hair is below her waist.
Susan's - determiner - possessive noun
A - determiner - article
A doctor healed four people.
Their friend lives five houses away.
Their - determiner - possessive pronoun
Whose - determiner - possessive pronoun
Whose cap was left on the porch?
these - determiner - demonstrative
Place these bananas in Linda's cart.
her - determiner - possessive pronoun
Katelyn got her ears pierced three weeks ago.
Is Katelyn's puppy in its fence?
Katelyn's - determiner - possessive noun
are words that tell us more about the nouns that follow. There are 4 main types of determiners.
There are three articles: a, an, and the. A & An are indefinite articles while the is a definite article.
Possessive Determiners
indicate ownership of the noun: 'my ship', 'their shoes'.
Demonstrative Determiners
are used to emphasize which items are being singled out and/or distance from speaker. They are never used alone. ie, which, what, this, these, that, those
Quantitative Determiners
Are Determiners that show quantity & number, e.g. 'Few' , 'Enough' ,'One'
Definate Article
Indefinate Article
Such as 'one' 'two' and 'three' and 'first' 'second'
Possessive pronouns
'My' 'Your' 'His' 'Her' 'Its' 'Our' 'Their'
Are Determiners that show quantity, e.g. 'Few' 'Many' 'Enough'
Demonstrative Adjective
They refer to specific objects or people e.g. 'This' 'That' 'These' 'Those'