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Compound Nouns

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bicycle lane
A designated traffic lane for bicyclists, marked by a solid white line, typically breaking into a dotted line at the corner.
bicycle stand
place where you put your bicycle
bus lane
a traffic lane intended for buses only
bus station
a terminal that serves bus passengers
bus stop
a place on a bus route where buses stop to discharge and take on passengers
bus system
An organized network of routes for transportation by bus.
a stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold
parking garage
place to park your car
parking space
a space where an automobile can be parked
rush hour
the times at the beginning and end of the working day when many people are traveling to or from work
traffic light
a visual signal to control the flow of traffic at intersections
a lamp supported on a lamppost
subway station
a terminal where subways load and unload passengers
taxi stand
a place where taxis wait for customers
traffic jam
a number of vehicles blocking one another until they can scarcely move