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Prepositions of Time, Place & Movement

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at weekends
I wake up late _______ weekends.
in an hour
I'll be back _______ an hour.
on time
The train arrived right _______ time.
in time
We got there _______ time to see most of the film.
in the end
_______ the end, she decided to leave alone.
at the end
_______ the end of the book, they get married.
in the middle
I sometimes wake up _______ the middle of the night.
at easter
I'm taking some time off _______ Easter.
on may the fourth
My birthday is _______ May 4.
on thursday morning
I do exercise _______ Thursday morning.
at lunchtime
I'll see you _______ lunchtime.
in the autumn
It's very cold _______ the autumn.
at the moment
Sorry, I can't talk _______ the moment.
at the bus stop
There was a huge queue _______ the bus stop.
at school
I usually have lunch _______ school.
at the end
My house is _______ the end of the road.
in bed
At 6am I'm usually _______ bed.
in the world
You make the best coffee _______ the world!
in the newspaper
I read about it _______ the newspaper.
on tv
What's _______ TV tonight?
on the internet
Check it _______ the internet if you're not sure.
in the north
The capital city is _______ the north.
arrived in dublin
We arrived _______ Dublin in the evening.
in the pub
Wait for me _______ the pub!
on an island
I spent the summer _______ an island.
in the office
Nick and Matt are usually _______ the office.
at his desk
You'll find Ollie _______ his desk.
on the beach
She likes lying _______ the beach.
at number 18 hill street
We live _______ number 18 Hill Street.
on page 18
The answer is _______ page 18.
at the crossroads
Turn right _______ the crossroads.
to me
She threw the pencil _______ me.
at the speaker
They threw eggs _______ the speaker
in oxford street
I saw you _______ Oxford Street yesterday!
into the room
When she came _______ the room, they fell silent.
Get _______ of my car and never show your face again!
on the train
I love reading _______ the train.