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Possessive Nouns: Rules

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Examples: Sara's idea
To make singular nouns possessive, add an apostrophe ['] and an -s.
Examples: the boss's best employee
If the singular noun ends with an -s, add an apostrophe and an -s
Examples: the tree boys' toy train
To make a plural noun ending in -s possessive, add only the apostrophe.
Example: the women's gym
If a plural noun does not end in -s, the word is made possessive by adding an apostrophe and an -s.
Examples: my son-in-law's birthday
For compound words, make the last word in the group possessive.
Example: Peter and John's mother is a teacher.
To show joint possession of the same object, make only the last noun possessive.
Tom Carney and Sons'
Tom Carney and his two sons health club is large and has over two hundred members.
The ladies night out was a complete success.
Mr. Landiss's
Mr. Landiss tractor was very useful on the farm.
In the park, the two elephants bellows caused a stampede.
human beings'
In order to mature correctly, human beings diets must be continually regulated.
During the formal questioning, the foreigners accent proclaimed his country of origin.
As the concert continued, the fans yells became louder than the music.
The press call for more freedom from government control was ignored.
cotton candies'
Coming in red, pink, and purple, the cotton candies colors made them more desirable.
Flying over Greenland, the airplane was controlled by the pilots computer.
My brother-in-laws gift was expensive.
Sojourner Truth's,
Sojourner Truths quesst for womens rights was similar to Elizabeth Cady Stantons.