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She lives [somewhere].
Where does she live?
They live [somewhere].
Where do they live?
Bob lives [somewhere].
Where does Bob live?
Where is Mary?
Mary is [somewhere].
Where are you?
I am [somewhere].
Does she have curly hair?
They want to know if she has curly hair.
Does he have a headache?
They want to know if he has a headache.
Does Mary wear earrings?
They want to know if Mary wears earrings.
Is your book open?
They want to know if my book is open.
Do bees eat meat?
They want to know if bees eat meat.
Is this exercise easy?
They want to know if this exercise is easy.
Does it belong to you?
They want to know if it belongs to me.
What time is class over?
Class is over [at some time].
What time does her plane arrive?
Her plane arrives [at some time].
They go [sometime].
When do they go?
Dan finishes [sometime].
When does Dan finish?
Is he married?
They want to know if he is married.
When is the party?
The party is [sometime].
When is the test?
The test is [sometime].
Ann wants [something].
What does Ann want?
Ben studies [something].
What does Ben study?
What is fast?
[Something] is fast.
What is fondant?
Fondant is [something].
Who is she?
She is [someone].
I call [someone].
Who do you call?