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Yes, I can
Can you speak French?
Yes, I do
Do you live in Brooklyn?
Yes, he does
Does your teacher speak French?
Yes, I will be
Will you be in class tomorrow?
Yes, I am
Are you going out tonight?
Yes, it is
Is it raining now?
Yes, it is
Is the lesson over?
Yes, I did
Did you study your lesson?
Yes, it was
Was it warm yesterday?
Yes, you may
May I open the window?
Yes, I can
Can you fly an airplane?
Yes, it did
Did it rain yesterday?
Yes, I do
Do you have a match?
Yes, I have
Have you studied for the exam?
Yes, she has
Has Mary come to school?
Yes, she had
Had Helen left by the time we arrived?
Yes, I am
Are you going to play tennis tomorrow?
Yes, I had
Had you seen that man before?
Yes, there are
Are there some books on the table?